About Us

             A History of Partridge Door Company

There was a time when central air conditioning and built-in appliances were considered luxury items in new homes. Soon after those “luxuries” became quite standard, a desire (which would soon become a need) developed  to enclose carports and install garage doors.  The opening and closing of new garage doors was a burdensome chore. So another product came about: electric garage door openers. This new product was a highly complicated electronic and mechanical device that consisted of a plethora of parts and pieces. Quite often, some of these parts and pieces would wear out or just plain fail. So in November 1979, a new business was founded as Partridge Door Opener Service. It was our intention to only sell and service garage door openers, but we quickly learned that builders wanted to buy garage doors and garage door openers from a single supplier. From necessity, we also started selling, installing and servicing both products, and the business became known as Partridge Door Company.

Within weeks after the business began, the Alliance Manufacturing company, the manufacturer of Genie garage door openers, came to see us, and we were established as an original “Genie Authorized Installing and Servicing Dealer.” We have continued in the capacity through all these years. The Genie garage door opener used a long extension of the shaft running through the electric motor, creating a “screw drive” opener. This direct-powered screw drive eliminated the bicycle chain and multiple gears, belts, pulleys and sprockets that other manufacturers used in their machines. Obviously, the fewer parts and pieces, the fewer failures would occur. We were convinced that the Genie garage door opener was the most reliable product available. More than 30 years later, we still believe Genie products are the best on the market.

We have always strived to be the best. Through these years, we have relied heavily on our customers’ recommendations to promote our business. When we serviced a lady’s garage door opener five years after it was installed and didn’t charge for the service, we were talked about at her bridge game table for weeks! Her friends called us whenever we were needed, and then their friends called us, too. Our motto became, “Ask your friends about us!” Quite often, customers will attach little notes to their checks saying, “Thanks for the good and prompt service.” We genuinely appreciate every note like that.

The torch has been passed. Jack and Keith worked together in the business for many years. When Jack retired several years ago, Keith assumed full control of the business. The business continues as it has for more than 30 years doing our best to be the very best!